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Salt Lake City is famous for its glorious mountains, skiing destinations, and its Mormon pioneer heritage. Given Utah’s strong history in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and the strict abstinence Mormons have from coffee, many have wondered if coffee roasters in Salt Lake City could have any success.

As it turns out, there’s a lot of excellent Salt Lake City coffee to enjoy. In recent decades, the community has welcomed coffee shops in downtown Salt Lake City and all across the valley. Adventurers ready to embark on hikes or ski runs stop by to get a shot of caffeine before enjoying Utah’s outdoors, and others like to enjoy a cup before a long day at work.

These adventurers and professionals have contributed to a thriving Salt Lake City coffee culture, and local coffee shops have risen to serve them. One is Cupla Coffee, which twin sisters Abigail Purdie and Bethany Heath run. Cupla’s locations are downtown Salt Lake City, Cottonwood Heights, and Park City.

Cupla Coffee: A Unique Blend

Cupla offers a variety of unique blends and popular favorites. At Cupla, you’ll find your traditional drip coffee, americano, latte, and much more. But Cupla also makes a selection of specialized brews that you won’t find at other Salt Lake City coffee houses, all locally roasted.

An iced lavender latte is a perfect treat to enjoy on a hot summer day. A white espresso latte has proven popular among our Salt Lake County customers. And the lavender lemonade is the perfect balance of delicate and sweet. When you visit Cupla Coffee, ask our talented and helpful baristas about our menu and what fits your palate best. They’d be happy to help you.

The Cupla Experience

Cupla Coffee features an environment that’s welcoming, warm, and fun. It’s the perfect place to bring your laptop and get some studying done or an ideal hangout spot for a day out with friends. People from all walks of life come to Cupla for fresh, delicious coffee. Oh, and our shops are dog-friendly, too.

Our downtown SLC coffee shop is a short walk from major sights like the Salt Palace Convention Center, Delta Center, Temple Square, and City Creek Center. Our Park City coffee house is next to clothing stores and eateries that you can explore before you hit the slopes. And our Cottonwood Heights coffee shop is just outside Big Cottonwood Canyon for your next ski adventure.

Community Engagement

Cupla is proud to be an engaged member of the Salt Lake community and the areas around our other coffee houses. Events we’ve historically participated in include Pride Month and Twin Day. And we like to give holidays off to our hard-working staff so they can enjoy time with friends and family. After all, it’s not just about selling delicious coffee, it’s about fostering a community.

If you have a community event you’d like us to get involved in, please contact us so we can figure out the best plan. We love to give back to the community in meaningful ways.

Sustainability at Cupla

Sustainability is a significant priority at Cupla Coffee. Cupla sources its coffee from plantations worldwide and always strives to roast beans made from ethical sources. Coffee is rotated according to seasonality, and Cupla roasts its coffee in small batches for efficiency and reduced waste.

Customer Stories

At the time of this writing, Cupla Coffee shops all have overall ratings of 4.2 stars or higher on Google Reviews. Here are just a few things Cupla Coffee visitors have said:

“This place is so good I went back the day after! I like its chill atmosphere it’s perfect for reading a book or getting work done. And the staff is friendly.” -Samantha Lemon, five-star review for the downtown Salt Lake City coffee shop

“LOVE Cupla Coffee! The owner went out of her way to make us the best coffee & food! Super comfortable, cute atmosphere.” -Emma D, five-star review for the Cottonwood Heights coffee shop

“Very clean place with a good atmosphere. I usually get a mocha to try a place out and i liked what i had here. Great tasting coffee :)” -Jose Torres, five-star review for the Park City coffee shop

Visit Us Today

Among so many terrific coffee shops in the Salt Lake area, we believe Cupla has something unique to offer—experience how we’ve become a staple for many coffee lovers in the Salt Lake Valley. We’re excited to continue pushing Utah coffee to delicious new frontiers.

So are you a new face looking to try our delicious locally roasted Utah coffee? Follow us on Instagram, visit our downtown Salt Lake City coffee shop, or stop by one of our other locations! Our baristas would happily find a drink and snack that fit your flavor palate. There’s something to enjoy for everyone at Cupla.