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Is Coffee Good For You?

Coffee is one of the most beloved beverages in the world, but is it good for you?

The topic has been steeped in a long-brewing controversy for many years, reaching back to the 18th century when this steamy beverage began gaining popularity. Coffee was demonized as a potential cause of heart disease, panic attacks, high blood pressure, and other health problems, but modern research has debunked many of these claims.

While some people may be sensitive to the caffeine in coffee and experience jitters or other side effects, studies have shown that moderate coffee consumption (around 3 cups per day) is generally safe and even boasts a few health benefits.

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How Much Caffeine is in Coffee? | Cupla Coffee

How Much Caffeine is in Coffee?

For many people around the world, starting off the day with a cup of coffee is part of their breakfast routine. Having a cup of coffee first thing in the morning is comforting, and energizing, it helps people get motivated to tackle their day. All of us coffee lovers know that caffeine is what gives us the energy we need to get going, but exactly how much caffeine is in your favorite cup? Well, how much caffeine that’s in coffee isn’t a straightforward answer, with many factors influencing the caffeine amount, such as roast, brewing method, and coffee type. To see how much caffeine you’re likely drinking every morning, let’s dig into the different types to get some answers.

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Coffee grind size chart. Beans grinding guide for different brewing methods. Fine, medium and coarse grinds infographic vector illustration of coffee grind chart

A Guide to the Perfect Coffee Bean Grind

If you’re tired of buying the same old package of stale, pre-ground coffee and have always wanted to try making coffee from whole beans, this guide is for you. We’re here to tell you that making your own excellent cup of coffee at home is a game changer, and it’s totally doable! When you begin making coffee, you’ll be able to make it exactly how you’d like, and you can even experiment with different methods to find your favorite. Let’s talk about how to get the best grind for your brew and explore some tips on making the best cup of joe at home.

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Latte art from Salt Lake City coffee shop Cupla Coffee

Where Does Our Coffee Come From?

As you may or may not know, we roast our own coffee here at Cupla. We know that putting the extra work and love into our coffee makes a huge difference in the taste and quality. We are so proud of the final product, and the smiles on our customer’s faces leads us to believe they are diggin’ what we are doing! But, what also makes a difference in the coffee we are roasting is the coffee beans themselves. 

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Keto cafe in Salt Lake City serving Keto cupcakes

Keto at Cupla

When we are not roasting coffee or serving drinks to our fantastic customers, we are busy making delicious treats. We love making a sweet pastries, or veggie breakfast burrito, or bagel sandwich, but what we really pride ourselves on is making great tasting food that is also healthy. Many of the breakfast, lunch, and snack options we serve are ideal for those living a Keto lifestyle. What exactly does that mean?

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2019 Salt Lake City International Tattoo Convention

February 2019 at The Salt Palace

2019 is already off to a great start here in Salt Lake City and at Cupla Coffee! We’ve made it through the Sundance Film Festival and a TON of snow and we are ready to keep the good times rollin! This coming month, our neighbors at the Salt Palace are hosting a number of large events and we are excited to help keep the attendees caffeinated. Here’s a look at what’s coming to The Salt Palace in February 2019! Continue reading “February 2019 at The Salt Palace”

salt palace january 2019

Downtown SLC January 2019

Happy New Year from Cupla Coffee!! We had such an amazing 2018 with the opening of Cupla and we can’t wait to see what this new year has in store for us. We have been amazed by the overwhelming support by SLC locals and Salt Palace event attendees alike. We look forward to keeping the good times rolling by welcoming those coming to Downtown Salt Lake City this month! Continue reading “Downtown SLC January 2019”

coffee good for the brain

Is Coffee Good For Your Brain?

Did you happen to catch the article on last week discussing a new clinical study on coffee? Well we did, and it has us craving even more of our in-house roasted coffee here at Cupla. According to the article, a new lab study suggests that when it comes to brain health, coffee offers more than the stimulating effects of our favorite legal drug–in fact, decaf could be just as effective.

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november 2018 in downtown slc

November 2018 in SLC

We are gearing up for another fabulous month in downtown Salt Lake City with some inspirational, educational, and fascinating events taking place at the Salt Palace. The Salt Palace Convention Center is just across the street from Cupla Coffee and we are so happy to serve attendees warm drinks, tasty treats, and a place to relax in between sessions.  Here’s who we are looking forward to seeing in November:
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