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As you may or may not know, we roast our own coffee here at Cupla. We know that putting the extra work and love into our coffee makes a huge difference in the taste and quality. We are so proud of the final product, and the smiles on our customer’s faces leads us to believe they are diggin’ what we are doing! But, what also makes a difference in the coffee we are roasting is the coffee beans themselves. 

We start with coffee beans from around the world brought to us by Genuine Origin. Our beans come from places known for growing the best beans in the world such as Brazil, Kenya, and everywhere in between. What we love about Genuine Origin is not just the high quality coffee beans they offer but also their commitment to sustainability. In 2014, they undertook a two-year initiative to research and develop a global approach to sustainably sourcing high-quality coffees. They drew on the expertise of our field teams, pooling their collective knowledge and experience, to document best-practice strategies at origins. They then developed a farmer support organization to provide direct technical assistance to producers, helping them to improve — and to continually improve — their coffee quality, farm productivity, and yields. This organization is now active in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Way to go Genuine Origin!

So what happens after the beans get to us? We use our Sonofresco coffee roaster to make the coffee we are known for! This puppy helps us reveal the best flavors of any coffee bean. This is best achieved by roasting consistently in color and time-temperature profiles designed to match the characteristics of a particular coffee. Too fast a roast gives insufficient time for flavor development. A longer, light degree of roast allows the coffee to reveal its true flavors. Darker roasts develop caramelized flavors with a sweeter aftertaste, more suitable for espresso. Quick cooling following the roast helps stabilize the brightness of a coffee associated with high acidity. We have found the best way to roast at our higher altitude here in Salt Lake City. Each roast and every batch is brought to you with love, focus, and attention to detail. 

So that’s the short story of where our coffee comes from! We hope you enjoy the taste as much as we enjoy the process (and the taste too!). We hope to see you at Cupla soon so you can taste the difference for yourself!