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Now that Cupla Coffee is open for business in downtown Salt Lake City, we thought it would be nice to formally, yet informally (more our style), re-introduce ourselves.

Here is the Scoop! We are Abby and Beth. We love coffee, we love healthy snacks, we love fitness, and we love hanging out with each other. So that is how Cupla came about, it was because we found a way to have our cake and eat it too! We get to not only drink all the amazing coffee that we want, eat all the healthy keto treats we can, create a schedule that allows us to frequent the gym as we wish, but the real kicker is that we get to do all this together!

Most people would say we are weird, don’t worry, we know. We recognize that its odd being two grown women who find the company of their identical twin more appealing than anyone else. It’s a bit unique. But hey, we are identical twins, we came into the world as a medical mystery and therefore reserve the right to be a bit different than most.

Yes, it’s true, we are twins. That’s actually what Cupla means in Irish Gaelic; is twin. Well, it also means mutation which is probably just as accurate a definition of us but now we are just getting off topic. Where were we? . . . . Oh, so we like to hang out together!

About 3 years ago we decided that we never wanted to “work” another day in our lives. We just wanted to live light hearted, play, drink coffee, patio sit, make friends and hang out together. Life is precious we thought. So you might as well create the day to day you love, right! And we have:) We have claimed phrase “live the moment” as our own because we feel that it expresses this philosophy.

So, we open our Cupla Coffee shop doors to all to come share our dream one cup of coffee, one healthy treat and one memorable moment at a time. Come live the moment with us!